17th-18th February, 2016 |

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Complimentary IEP Workshop

IDC’s IT Executive Programs consist of a family of research programs intended to help today’s time-constrained technology professionals make more effective technology decisions.

The program offers actionable and timely fact-based research that will assist technology professionals in mitigating technology risks, maximizing the effectiveness of IT investments, identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities, and creating solutions that are aligned with your organization’s business objectives.

Our comprehensive portfolio is skillfully curated and promptly delivered to meet each individual client’s customized needs. We provide the data and due diligence to ensure that it is always relevant.

Based on the excellent feedback received last year, we are pleased to announce that IDC would be repeating these informative workshops again in 2016 based on new topics and themes.

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IEP Workshop 1

Strategic Architecture - Redefining "Strategic" in Architecture's Business Contribution

Joseph C. Pucciarelli

Group Vice President
IT Executive Advisor - IDC

Organizations must rethink their business strategy and adapt their business operations as part of the digital transformation of their business. Strategic architecture is a critical aspect of this transformation execution. This workshop will address in the following questions:

  • How can IT prioritize and execute digital transformation initiatives to maximize resources and value?
  • How can IT benchmark its architectural competency and maturity regarding its leadership, deliverables and technology needed to compete in the new era of 3rd Platform?
  • What turns architecture teams into value driven functions that enhance the CIOs influence?

IEP Workshop 2

Cloud Hosting Strategies - Changing IT's Competitive Position

Stephen Elliot

Vice President Research - IDC

Cloud is a much bigger issue than simply an evolved efficient hosting option providing cost advantages. It presents radically new hosting options which offer quantum improvements in flexibility, adaptability and scalability – enabling organizations to develop new offerings, new business models, and with net new cost structures – all impacting the overall competitive landscape. This workshop will address in the following questions:

  • What is the cloud hosting contribution to the enterprise's new products and new business models?
  • How does cloud hosting empower great business flexibility, adaptability and scalability?
  • What is the pivotal role of cloud hosting in improving IT's competitive posture in brokering, integrating and orchestrating new IT business services?


IEP Workshop 3

Enterprise Mobility - Dealing with a Magnificent IT Disruption

Mike Jennett

Vice President Research - IDC

Mobility is the most visible part of the disruption of the 3rd Platform. As this consumer phenomenon moves into the enterprise world, users are expecting no less from their business apps than what they get with their consumer mobile experience. To harness the possibilities of mobile, IT leaders must realize how critical enterprise mobility is for their business, market, and industry. This workshop will address in the following questions:

  • What is the impact on IT of mobility trends that are driving the surge in “anytime-anywhere” business initiatives triggered by BYOD, distributed work and customer centricity?
  • How are the demographic shifts to younger and mobile-savvy customers redefining IT support for business applications that enable collaborative and interactive work platforms?
  • How can IT mitigate risk when demands of usability circumvent onerous security provisions?

IEP Workshop 4

Security - Responding to Next Generation Security Demands.

Pete Lindstrom

Vice President Security Strategies - IDC

Next-generation security is essential for managing the risks and architecture complexities inherent in the digital economy. CIOs that want to participate and lead in their company's digital transformation must have an effective, forward-looking security function. The proliferation of online services, smartphones, and Internet-enabled devices has prompted warnings over how businesses handle increasing complexity and ensure adequate data privacy and security measures. Criminal elements seize on this complexity because it broods weaknesses that they can, and will, exploit. This workshop will address in the following questions:

  • How does the enterprise move from appearing to be “doing the right thing” to actually providing best-in-class security in the most efficient and cost-effective ways?
  • How can IT effectively address compliance regulations that are becoming increasingly expensive?
  • What new alternatives increases level of risk reduction for the lowest cost?


Workshop 5

Enterprise IT Transformation - Empowering Innovative Business Transformation

Joseph Pucciarelli

Group Vice President & Executive Advisor - IDC

The 3rd Platform is fundamentally a business platform that is creating tremendous opportunities for organizations to transform how they innovate and engage with customers, the speed at which they deliver their products and services, and the reliability of their operations. It is being defined by the creative and innovative uses that businesses are finding for mobility, social systems, cloud services, and big data and analytics. This workshop will address in the following questions:

  • How do CIOs ensure the enterprise's innovation achievements are actually enabling business transformation?
  • How does a CIO focus on the qualities necessary to succeed in the era of 3rd Platform technology-driven transformation?
  • How does IT move from a "cost overhead" department to IT as a "service business", forever altering LOB's perspective of IT's value?

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